During sclerotherapy a solution is injected into your varicose or spider veins. This causes the vein to seal off from the other veins in your leg. The vein closes down over time and is eventually absorbed into your body.

For larger varicose veins our physicians utilize ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. The ultrasound provides a live view of your veins, ensuring the physician is injecting the sclerosant into the precise location for the best treatment results.

For spider veins and other small veins closer to the skin’s surface, ultrasound guidance is usually not necessary. In these cases, our physicians and nurses can effectively treat these veins with sclerotherapy. A typical treatment session may last for 15 to 20 minutes and will consist of microinjections.

Once the vein is closed, the blood that was circulating through the abnormal vein is naturally rerouted to other healthy veins. Over time, the treated vein is absorbed by the body. Normal blood flow is then rerouted to healthy veins.

VCA primarily uses two solutions during sclerotherapy: Sodium Tetradecyl Sulphate (STS) and Asclera. Both of these solutions are FDA approved for use during sclerotherapy for the treatment of veins in the legs. During your consultation our physician will discuss these with you and determine the best course of action for your specific condition.

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