What is VAMP®?

VAMP® is an educational program on the care and maintenance of your access. We provide you with education and inspection techniques that will help you maintain your access health.

VAMP® Includes:

  • Education on access types and options by our nursing staff and physicians.
  • Regularly scheduled office visits with our physicians.
  • Active ultrasound surveillance plan throughout the year, specifically designed for you!
  • Assisting you with ongoing care and maintenance, and review of the “do’s and don’ts” of access care.

Why is VAMP® important?

You will feel better! Your access must be kept healthy with good blood flow to ensure that you maximize the benefits of your dialysis treatments.

PVG Provides Solutions for Better Dialysis Care

Learn more about dialysis access creation, education and management by clicking on the links below:

Dialysis Access EducationDialysis Access OptionsDialysis Access Management

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